The Benefits of IT Services for Accounting Firms

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You should focus on client acquisition, payroll activities, tax consulting, and the important services you provide, but it becomes difficult to juggle with all of the other business activities pulling you left and right. You need a partner that knows your unique requirements so that you can keep your tax and accounting programs up-to-date, protect client data, prevent data loss, prevent your lines of communication from going down, and keep your accounting firm safe.

Here at Netsafe, we provide IT services for many accounting firms, whether it’s firms with a single office or multiple locations, we take care of all of your technology needs, keep your hardware safe, protect your data, and answer all of your IT questions.

If you’re frustrated with managing your own IT, technology is complicated or you’re too busy managing your staff and clients to deal with tech problems or to learn how to do it yourself, this is where managed IT services for accounting firms come into play.

Here are the benefits of managed IT services for accounting firms.

Easily share data and communicate with clients on the cloud

As many firms are taking advantage of technology to grow their businesses, technology will no longer remain a differentiator. Instead it’s a necessary requirement to compete in the marketplace. We find that firms are moving towards the cloud and less on desktop programs. Technology is an enormous part of your business, it’s how your staff members communicate with clients and get their jobs done. That’s why we want to help you grow your tech stack with cloud IT services. This will help your firm be more efficient, productive, and give instant access to your clients. When working with cloud accounting solutions, your clients get the data they need in real-time in order to run their business and operations.

Protect your business data and network, and meet compliance requirements

What would happen if your employee opened up a spam email and clicked the link inside? Well let me tell you. If your email server isn’t blocking these threats, your firm is at risk for leaking private company and client financial data into the world wide web. Hackers are looking for gaps in your IT and if there are no barriers setup, your firm is at risk for getting sued and financial loss. We want to help you avoid viruses and malware through the right programs to avoid these threats.

At the same time, it’s important that you store your financial and accounting records in a safe place so that if one of your clients is audited or fraud is suspected, you HAVE the documents available and they’re correct. You’re responsible for this data, and a managed IT service provider will make sure you store the data appropriately so you are protected and the data is secure and easy to find in a pinch.

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Get the support you need during peak seasons

Tax season, the busy season. You need to stay up and running with zero down time during your peak season. What would happen if your internet stopped working or your accounting programs went down? Ensuring that you have the expertise to back you up is critical to stay productive, avoid frustration and keep your clients happy. When looking for IT services for accounting firms you want to make sure that the provider you choose gives you the option to get extra support during tax season. You need to be well-equipped and be able to mitigate risks. Especially considering all of the new tax laws heading into the 2018 tax season. It’s important to keep your office up and running, and empower your staff to do their absolute best!

Offload tech questions to your outsourced IT team

If you’re in a meeting and something happens to your printer or your network goes down or your emails won’t send, you don’t have time to deal with technology issues. You have two options. One, you can divert your attention away from client work and invest your time trying to fix the issues yourself or two, you can offload them so you can pour your time back into making your business more profitable. Is it more beneficial for you to do it yourself or to pay someone else to do it? The hour or two hours doing a non-revenue generating activity may not be the best use of your time. Therefore, while hiring a managed IT service provider means paying someone else to it, it may make sense in order to pour your time back something that matters.

Part of the way that we do business is through being open and transparent with you. We want to make sure you get the most for your money, whether that means working with us or not, or finding other cost effective ways to help you solve your business IT needs. At Netsafe, we’re not in the business of holding you hostage of your technology information.

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At the end of the day, you need a partner that knows your unique requirements so that you can keep your tax and accounting programs up-to-date, protect client data, prevent data loss, prevent your lines of communication from going down, and keep your accounting firm safe.

At Netsafe, we currently support many accounting firms that deal with the same problems and we’d be glad to help focus more on managing and growing your accounting form, get your network running and set you up for success.Contact us for more information.