When Does a Cloud-based Email System Make Sense?

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Last year, Gartner reported that the adoption of cloud-based email is growing. In addition, the research company noted that organizations that have not moved to cloud-based email should reconsider presumptions concerning cloud email being unable to serve companies and industries of any size. Simply put, the benefits likely outweigh any shortcomings.

Gartner also reported that 13 percent of global, publicly traded corporations use cloud-based email, primarily offered by Google or Microsoft. Many IT professionals will not consider cloud-based email due to misconceptions and misinformation about the ease of management, security, reliability, and industry regulations.

However, more organizations are acknowledging that email service has become another commodity application that is more cost-effective and efficient when handled by a trusted partner rather than a private data center. Below are several of the compelling reasons to now migrate to cloud-based email.

Cost Effective

With an in-house email server, you pay for the server, operating system, and email platform. However, you also cover the costs of the rack, cooling, electricity, and support staff. Depending upon your circumstances, the expense of operating your own email server is likely much higher than per-user expenses incurred with a cloud-based email provider.

Better Disaster Recovery

If your organization is a global, large enterprise with an equally large budget, you probably have disaster recovery systems and processes in place. Any other sized organization will benefit with access to disaster recovery infrastructure and systems offered by the tech giants like Google and Microsoft. If your in-house email server fails, you may not be able to recover valuable data.

Sophisticated Security Features

Similar to disaster recovery, cloud-based email providers offer robust, sophisticated security features that most organizations cannot afford to implement with an in-house email system. These email providers do represent alluring targets for hackers, but they have the most sophisticated tools to thwart them to maintain data safety.

Better Uptime

One common misperception of cloud email is the notion that even the best service providers experience critical email outages. However, most major cloud email providers can boast impressive percentage of uptime consistently year over year. The impact of downtime can be painful, yet the myth that it occurs may continue because of media coverage anytime there is a rare outage.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Employees are increasingly mobile, and your cloud email will be accessible anytime, anywhere there is Internet access. Cloud email is better because it is frequently distributed across many worldwide data centers. Where ever your employees are, they have easy access to email.


Although advancements in blade servers and virtualization have improved the scalability of private data centers, if your business experiences exponential growth, you will need major upgrades to your in-house system. If you are already using cloud email, this simply is not a concern. Scale as quickly as needed without additional expense.

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