When Does a Cloud-based Server Make Sense?

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In simple terms, cloud computing is based on the internet. In the past, your company would invest significant capital to purchase its own hardware and software. However, a cloud-based server gives you access to applications over the internet. Why are so many organizations adopting a cloud-based server? Higher efficiency, better cash flow, and other benefits are quickly making cloud computing the new norm.

Expense Versus Capital

Using a cloud-based server will eliminate the capital-intensive investment in hardware. Cloud computing is based on a subscription model, which makes it an operational expense on your financial sheets. Previously, your capital expenditure on hardware would be amortized over a specified number of years impacting cash flow and budgeting during that time period. In addition, operating expenses (OPEX) is treated very differently than a capital expense (CAPEX) for tax and accounting purposes.

Non-obsolescence Hardware

The cloud is a dynamic infrastructure that is fluid and can be best understood a collection of resources or applications that can change and improve constantly. Your company will not be locked into hardware that quickly becomes obsolete in the lightning fast environment of technological innovations. By moving to the cloud, you instantly have access to an ecosystem that offers more and more solutions that can be integrated with other products to solve an increasing number of business problems.


Generally, businesses try to eliminate redundancy to improve efficiency; but redundancy is critical to data storage. A cloud-based server will provide layers of redundancy for a robust disaster recovery plan. If you implemented this level of security on your own servers, it would require a significant expenditure and expertise. Cloud computing gives organizations of all sizes access to recovery and backup solutions without an investment in time and money.

Cloud-based Backup

Backups and updates are automatic with cloud computing. In addition, data will be backed up on several locations for additional recovery solutions. If one site sustains damage, your data is still located and available from another site. Updates are automatic and happen without interrupting your company’s workflow.

Universal Access

With cloud computing, you can work anywhere you have internet access and from any device you have with you. Most cloud service providers have mobile apps. Not only does this give you universal access, you can improve productivity while giving your employees a better work-life balance. You can share documents across all devices that your organization uses, such as tablets, smartphones, desktops, and web interface. With cloud file sync and share options, you have universal access through a very straightforward user interface.

Therefore, your company has a significantly better solution that will evolve as your business grows. Purchasing your own hardware and software is a long-term investment that will quickly become obsolete. Netsafe Solutions provides the latest technology and the most innovative customer service to help you reach your objectives quickly and efficiently. Contact us today for a free assessment and learn how we can assist you.

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