When Does Off-site Storage Make Sense?

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Off-site storage of data is well past the era of multiple discs, managing large external hard drives, and paying for space on large servers. Today, organizations and individual users can easily use off-site storage to backup sensitive and critical information automatically. While using off-site storage has many benefits, your business can benefit in three specific ways by moving to off-site storage:

  • Cost savings
  • Insurance against data losses
  • Easier recovery

Cost Savings

Off-site storage and backups decrease your organization’s workload and produce cost savings at the same time. Because the backups happen automatically, your staff avoids using their productive time in the process of manually backing up data. Off-site storage and backups are easily implemented because they require no new equipment and take place online. Even if your organization has massive amounts of data to store securely, you will likely save money because you pay only for the capacity used, and typically you receive a monthly bill.

Insurance Against Losses

When you manage your own business and host your own website, you already understand the importance of keeping a high-quality backup copy of the data. Off-site backup of the data provides added assurance that data is safe, which is critical to recovering databases, images, client data, and other information crucial to your organization. This ensures that your mission-critical data is accessible at any time. The primary difference is that off-site backup occurs on outside servers rather than on USBs, external hard drives, or DVDs. A company that dedicates itself to keeping data safe will provide better insurance against losses.

Data Recovery and Reliability

Off-site data backup is much more reliable than the conventional methods. The backup storage is automated, and each critical file is backed up daily. This gives your company the capability to recover old and recent information quickly and efficiently without losing any mission-critical data. Off-site storage can be initiated from various devices or locations, so if a device disappears or server crashes, the data backup will still happen without interruption. Because this takes place in the cloud, the same connection provides the system and the user with a highly secure network. Cloud service providers typically adopt rigorous security and safety policies and evaluation necessary for compliance with strict regulations and protocols. Your organization benefits from having secure data that is easily recoverable, encrypted, and safe.

Your organization avoids the need for a complex infrastructure for off-site data storage and the benefits it yields. The system is managed by IT experts who will keep you informed of all necessary developments. As your organization expands, the system will scale to meet your needs with no interruptions or downtime.

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