When Does Remote IT Support Make Sense For my Business?

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From SMEs to multinational organizations, maintaining an in-house IT support staff can put significant pressure on a budget. In addition, technology is evolving rapidly, and IT professionals must continually update their skill sets, which means training expenses for your company. When does remote IT support make sense in today’s marketplace? Every organization has different needs; however, asking yourself a few questions will help you determine if now is the optimum time to outsource support.

Do you Need Remote IT Support?

Consider these key questions to identify if your organization is ready to utilize remote IT support. First survey the variety of IT tasks that occur such as software upgrades, hardware maintenance, user support, and networking. Does keeping these tasks offer a competitive advantage? If your business is not within the technology sector, maintaining in-house staff may not make sense unless they enhance the sales of your products or services.

  • Do you need customized service occasionally? Some tasks can be performed several times a year, such as upgrading software. Does your business need a full-time employee for this task?
  • Are the expenses to outsource support lower than hiring staff to perform the functions in-house?
  • Do you need a commodity service that outsourced IT staff can perform more efficiently?
  • Is your business scaling at an increasing rate so that you need to free up internal resources to respond rapidly?

The trend in outsourcing IT support is growing for logical reasons. Relating the reasons why this is happening as well as considering when to make the move will help you see the competitive advantages of this crucial decision.

These are some important reasons why to outsource support:

  • Access to high quality, up-to-date skills for a lower cost.
  • Efficient cost management to keep the budget under control. An outsourced IT service will lower your expenses as well as enable you to manage them more efficiently. The old model of “break then fix” creates spikes in expenses; however, an outsourced IT service will provide consistent costs month to month.
  • Unleash resources to focus on driving sales and growth. This makes sense even for large enterprise-level corporations that maintain in-house IT support. Outsourcing mundane IT tasks leaves more time for in-house IT professionals to focus on initiatives that support revenue growth and cost controls.
  • Up-to-date skills and expertise. Technology changes at lightning speed, and a group that focuses solely on remaining educated and skilled at the latest changes will keep your training costs down. Moreover, you will have access to proficient expertise with a single phone call.
  • Focus critical resources. When you outsource support, you focus your company’s resources on revenue generating activities. You can let the experts handle the troubleshooting, backups, software and hardware maintenance, and user problems, while you grow the business.

Key Takeaway

NetSafe Solutions partners with your company to provide you with highly adaptable and cost-effective support. We have a solution that fits your budget and needs. Contact us today to learn more about hiring us to provide your IT solutions.