Enterprise Remote Help Desk Solutions

We support an auditor with approximately 150 employees spread across five states. The client has an in-house IT team but needs help with Enterprise Remote Help Desk Solutions.


The client’s internal team composed of software developers support and maintain the network infrastructure.  However, they could not cost justify a dedicated IT person responsible for answering and resolving multiple, basic day to day questions and issues from their users.  In addition to day to day troubleshooting, they were looking for computer refresh support, so that each user received a standard laptop and desktop with a standard software application image.


Netsafe proposed an Enterprise Help Desk solution encompassing standard business hours support utilizing a ticketing system to log and work all requests to closure. In addition, the customer contact was provided a log-in to the ticketing system to be able to review the status of all tickets. 

For the refresh activity, Netsafe developed a standard desktop and laptop configuration and a standard software image. The customer specifies the user and provides the credentials. The Netsafe team orders, receives, preps and ships the computer to the user. A member of the Netsafe team works with the user remotely to complete the installation. Through the invoicing process, Netsafe provides the necessary information to their internal team to update their asset inventory.

The Key Benefit:

The client benefits from this solution by:

  • Save money – The cost of the Netsafe service is approximately 40% of the cost of a full-time employee without the headache of recruiting, training, retaining, providing vacation coverage and benefits.  Coverage is business hours support, Monday through Friday.

  • Users receive day to day support as needed by calling the help desk, staffed with a bank of technicians.

  • Refresh is completed in a timely fashion based on corporate standards.

  • All activity is tracked and managed through a ticketing system.

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