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George Hayner – Co-Owner

George Hayner


George Hayner, born in Idaho Falls, grew up in Lynchburg VA. He received his undergraduate degree at Radford University in Business Administration and Information Systems. He began working in the IT industry around 1996 which brought him to Charlotte NC in 1998.

George is one of the original founders of NetSafe Solutions, which was opened in November of 2003. NetSafe Solutions was founded to offer IT services in a different way than the normal consulting business model. By offering unlimited support at a monthly fee, that put the responsibility on NetSafe to deliver high quality technical support at a standard monthly rate.

George is the technical arm of NetSafe Solutions. He enjoys the product development aspect of running a business, the development of new products and then standardizing those products to make them available to small to medium sized businesses.

George enjoys tinkering with 3D printers and other electronic type devices. As far as accomplishments, he has completed a Full Ironman and several Half Ironman distance races. He dreams of hiking the entire 2200 miles of the Appalachian Trail at some point in his life.

Derek Schott – Co-Owner

Derek Schott


Derek has spent his career servicing the needs of customers. He began at GTE which later became Verizon. First as a network engineer and quickly gravitating to sales. Prior to joining Netsafe, he was a national account director managing an east coast team. Drawn to the life long desire to be a leader in a small business, Derek joined the Netsafe team in 2006.

Derek is the treasurer of his home owners association, with a $650,000 budget for 950 homes. He is proud of a recent project that was spearheaded by him, which was to install two irrigation wells and expand the irrigation system by a linear mile. By doing this, he was able to save his community $25,000 per year.

Working with other small business owners, Derek’s passion is to help owners eliminate cost and simplify their communications infrastructure. He helps them decide to host or move their key applications to the cloud or to utilize a site based one. He has found that setting clear priorities at a lower cost are the keys to a great success.

Our Team

Yazmyn Warris – Office Manager

Yazmyn Warris

Office Manager

Justin Bach – Technician

Keith Swayne


Justin Bach – Technician

Scott Buonya


Aaron Booth - General Manager

Aaron Booth

General Manager

Dustin DiLuzio – Technician

Dustin DiLuzio


Justin Bach – Technician

Jordan Cross


Donald Nolan – Senior Technician

Donald Nolan

Senior Technician

Tony Craycroft – Technician

Tony Craycroft


Mike Jowers – Senior Technician

Mike Jowers

Senior Technician


Justin Bach – Technician

Mark Bruce