8 Free Things For Nonprofits: From Tech, to Services, to Marketing

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As a non-profit, you want to drive a positive change in society and help the world be a better place. However, with such passion towards your cause you’re not always recognized for the work you do. Companies you may go to for help and support won’t always tell you that you get perks. They would rather you pay for their services than tell you there’s a better way. To give you a little thanks, we found some of the services, products and free resources for nonprofit organizations. It’s the free stuff that you could get… just for being a non-profit.

We’ve worked with many non-profits throughout our experience in the managed IT service industry and we believe you should be knowledgeable about all the benefits you can get in your industry. We are a strong believer in openness and transparency and rather than “saying” it, we strive to provide helpful resources and services that give you piece of mind that your organization is in safe hands. Here’s a helpful guide to the 8 free resources for nonprofits.

Let’s get started! Here is some of the free stuff for nonprofits:

TechSoupoffers free technology for nonprofits

Our experience has taught us that many non-profits aren’t aware of the benefits they get in the managed IT service or technology side of the business. TechSoup gives you hardware or software for nonprofits at a discount (or donated). At the same time, they could give you free email accounts (if a managed IT provider is making you pay for them, you might want to second-guess working with them). While TechSoup offers over 500 discounted hardware or free tools for nonprofits, they also offer free access to programs like Flickr where you can get free photos or a free plan in many different areas.

YouTube for non-profits

As a non-profit, not only do you get the tech perks but once you sign up for “Google Grants” and get accepted, you get premium features across google. For example, in YouTube for Non-Profits, you get:

  • Premium branding across your YouTube Channel
  • Higher Uploading Capacity of your Account
  • The ability to have custom thumbnail pictures
  • Call-To-Action Buttons or Overlays on your videos

Remember, you have to qualify for the program.

Animoto gives you their services to create professional videos

Give Animoto your own photos and music, and they will give you their services for free. You get high-quality, state-of-the-art videos you can use across social media. With video causing a huge impact on your marketing Animoto makes it easy for you to choose from hundreds of video styles, no matter what your business promotes.

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 5.59.35 PM

You can get free hosting for nonprofits through AcornHost

If you have limited resources AcornHost is a platform which provides you with low-cost web hosting and exceptional care. If you don’t know what web hosting is, it provides you with the services and technologies you need to make your website live. AcornHost primarily works with small business, individuals and non-profits. Check out their website to see if you qualify for non-profit pricing.

Good360 offers free equipment for your business

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 6.14.46 PM

Located in Virginia, Good360 is the place to go if you need product donations for your business needs. They believe that rather than destroying excess goods, it should go to those in need. Good360 is a place for non-profits to receive equipment, day-to-day items or donations for disaster recovery.

Deliver Good offers free stuff for nonprofits

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 6.17.56 PM

We absolutely love Deliver Good’s tagline: “Connecting companies who have stuff with charities and non-profits who need stuff.” Essentially, Deliver Good does this same thing as Good360. Once you register for your account, get ready to start shopping for free. From furniture and equipment, to electronics, appliances, seating, office supplies, desks, tables and more, Deliver Good has it all.

Canva offers marketing design tools for nonprofits

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 6.23.55 PMCanva is a social media creation tool that gives you pre-made social media templates and free photos to streamline your marketing efforts as well as create exceptional creatives. As a non-profit, you and 10 team members will get access to a business account. Canva helps your team create marketing graphics for your business so you can focus on what you do best – helping others.

Pimp My Cause for Hiring Marketing Folks

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 6.26.44 PMMarketing for nonprofit organizations can be crucial for brand awareness.While marketing is an investment for your organization, what’s better than free marketing? You shouldn’t have to worry about this cost to promote your organization out in the world.I came across Pimp My Cause and could not believe how fantastic this company is! Marketing consultants offer their services “Pro-Bono”. Not only does this show their character, but it’s great to see professionals offering their free services to help you.

After all, as a non-profit, you make an impact on the community and deserve to be treated as such.

That’s why we wanted to write this article. We have seen far too many non-profits being taken advantage of for tools or services that we know you can get for free (or at a lower cost). You work hard to make the world be a better place and should be recognized for the work you do.

At Netsafe, we strive to make sure we offer the best IT solutions to non-profits. Contact our team if you have any questions about working with an IT service provider or anything else IT related.