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Windows 7 End of Life

The Windows 7 End of Life is now here. On January 14, 2020 Microsoft stopped updating or providing support for Windows 7.

While Windows 7 entering its End of Life phase doesn’t mean your PC will suddenly stop working, it does mean that Windows 7 users will need to start thinking about finally moving on from Windows 7, either by upgrading to Windows 10, or buying a new PC.

Not sure how to transition?

This may be overwhelming news as most of your machines are still on the Windows 7 operating system. No problem that’s why were here to help. We will help you make it through that transition with these upgrades whether it is only a few workstations or hundreds. If your Windows 7 PC is too old don’t worry we can help you find the right computer for you on the right budget.

Are you in Healthcare? Well then the transition is an absolute must for you. Let us help you get through this.

The days of configuring Windows 7 to be HIPAA compliant will no longer serve businesses working in healthcare. Once the end-of-service date hits, Microsoft will no longer be releasing security updates to Windows 7–meaning that any potential security vulnerabilities can and will be exploited by hackers to access sensitive healthcare data.

By failing to update your computer systems once Windows 7 goes out of service, healthcare professionals run the risk of creating major compatibility issues, delays in scheduling software, data loss, and costly data breaches resulting from security vulnerabilities.

Take the appropriate measures and

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Benefits To Your Business

  • Predictable monthly rates, priced just for the services we’re providing, with NO BUDGET SURPRISES. 
  • You have a TEAM OF TECHNICIANS with a broad bank of knowledge assisting your business.
  • Our remote and on-site teams REDUCE THE EXPENSE and management of an in-house employee. 
  • We keep your TEAM IN THE FIELD supported, so you don’t have to worry about connectivity.
  • If you have an existing IT department we can take the EVERYDAY TECH QUESTIONS off their plate so they can get back to handling complex IT issues.

Client Success Story: Remote-Only Support

“I told them the functionality we needed, and then trusted Netsafe to make it happen.” 


  • Unlimited access to Helpdesk during business hours
  • Installed monitoring for backup success
  • Put in place license and warranty tracking so no surprises

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