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Ninja RMM for Remote Access

Need to work remotely from home? Not sure how you can do that or if your network is setup that way? Unsure if you work from home is your companies information secure? That’s where ninja comes in!

Why do I need ninja to work from home?

Ninja is a great tool that we use to connect a Home PC to a Work PC over a secured tunnel through the ninja application. When you connect your Home PC to your Work PC you want to make sure that your doing that over a secure connection. With the help of the Ninja Application we create a secure account for you using Multi-factor Authentication, which will give you a code sent to your phone via SMS or email every time you want to login to use your work computer making sure that you are signing in.

How do I use the application?

 It’s super easy! Once you contact us and we create that secured account for you all you have to do is login and you will have access to your work computer. Having access to your work computer you will be able to use it to its full extent with whatever programs and applications you normally use, but you are just using your Home PC as a gateway to get you to the work computer.

How much does it cost and how do I sign up?

For the Ninja client we charge by the user account, so for however many users you have it will be $ 4 per user each month. To get your account setup today and the ability to work from home you can either schedule a consultation with the button below or call 704-333-0404.


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Benefits To Your Business

  • Predictable monthly rates, priced just for the services we’re providing, with NO BUDGET SURPRISES. 
  • You have a TEAM OF TECHNICIANS with a broad bank of knowledge assisting your business.
  • Our remote and on-site teams REDUCE THE EXPENSE and management of an in-house employee. 
  • We keep your TEAM IN THE FIELD supported, so you don’t have to worry about connectivity.
  • If you have an existing IT department we can take the EVERYDAY TECH QUESTIONS off their plate so they can get back to handling complex IT issues.

Client Success Story: Remote-Only Support

“I told them the functionality we needed, and then trusted Netsafe to make it happen.” 


  • Unlimited access to Helpdesk during business hours
  • Installed monitoring for backup success
  • Put in place license and warranty tracking so no surprises

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on-site technicians, or a combination to meet your unique needs.






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