How do you Protect Yourself from Malware?

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Learning how to protect yourself from malware is an unfortunate result of our online world. In particular, ransomware is virulent software used by cyber criminals to hold your computer files in exchange for a ransom payment. CryptoLocker is a notorious version of ransomware similar to other forms of malware like spammers, Trojans, password-stealers, and others.

Regrettably, ransomware has become a popular method that malware criminals use to extort money from organizations and individuals alike. These criminals have a variety of techniques to access a computer or network, but the methods typically come down to exploiting software vulnerabilities or social engineering tactics to secretly install the malware on the victim’s computer.

If you have discovered malware already on your machine prior to taking any precautions, your options for recovery may be limited. However, you may be able to mitigate the devastation. How do you protect yourself from malware? There are specific techniques listed below, or you can contact us at NetSafe Solutions to assist.

  • Backup the data
  • Show hidden file extensions and find “.PDF.EXE” extension
  • Filter EXEs files in email
  • Disable all files running LocalAppData or AppData folders
  • Disable the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
  • Update or patch the software
  • Immediately unplug from your network or disconnect from the WiFi
  • Use System Restore to return to a prior clean slate

With appropriate caution, you can protect yourself from malware such as Cryptolocker. As you can see, however, many steps may need more than perfunctory knowledge of computer software.

What Makes Crypto/Ransomware So Malicious?

Crypto/Ransomware continues to make the headlines frequently because the perpetrators send the email to massive numbers of individuals and organizations in particular in the UK and US. Typically, the authors are quick and adaptable to updates in protection technology. New variants designed to defeat the updates target new groups on a consistent basis. Also, the geographical boundaries of the US and UK are quickly eliminated, and the malware virulently spreads around the globe.

In general, ransomware will give you a defined amount of time to pay the ransom to unlock your files. However, there is no guarantee that payment will release your computer. If you don’t act quickly, your entire system may be damaged irreparably.

Site-based Backup Separated from Network

To protect yourself from malware, you should use a site-based backup that is separated from your network. Also, you should include endpoint security virus protection to prevent any malware from sneaking past it to connect with the Command and Control server. Training your employees about emails containing malware is also a requirement, as well as implementing specific policies relating to suspicious emails and attachments.

NetSafe Solutions has the solutions to protect yourself from malware. Let our professionals design the right protections for your specific business. Contact us today for a free network assessment that comes with no risks or obligations.

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