Law Firm IT Services: How IT Support Can Help Your Firm Run Smoother

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Have your emails ever stopped flowing in? Did you know that if your email servers are down, you might be experiencing a security breach? If you’ve experienced this then you know that it’s not a joke. A cyber attack means that someone might be stealing private company or client information. If you haven’t dealt with this at your law firm, that’s great… but what are you doing to prevent it?

As a law firm, you are dealing with the ins and outs of your clients, serving their needs 24/7. You need to find ways to balance a lack of training in technology and IT security without disrupting your firm. Not to mention, you need to continue providing legal services using new, fast changing technology. To be successful, CTOs and owners need to implement planning strategies that include investments to close the gap between people and technology. This is when outsourcing your IT support makes sense. You can focus on your work and core competencies while your managed IT services company protects your law firm and keeps it running smoothly.

Focus On Your cases, Less On Security

In such a demanding industry, law firms are now able to spend less energy on troubleshooting and aim focus towards legal content, as it should be. Your mind can worry less about network security and service disruption for your clients, and worry more about cases at hand. No more security breaches, instead IT-related problems handled subtly and efficiently. Meanwhile, your focus stays on serving your clients, gaining the maximum return from your talents.

Cloud Technologies for Law Firms

Cloud is scalable and has cost benefits. It can speed up your workflow, help you manage documents, and improve security. With the cloud you can store information while accessing data faster, and sharing important files efficiently and safely all while contributing to a “green” environment. (Law firms tend to use a lot of paper.) Basically an enormous amount of info neatly filed into a secure, virtual filing cabinet accessible and ready to be shared at a moment’s notice. (6 Signs You Need a Managed IT Service Provider

Improve Productivity and Business Efficiency

Up-to-date solutions can help your law firms and attorneys be more efficient and productive. For example, with case management software, you could easily organize, manage deadlines, store client information and communicate within your business. It’s a great solution to streamline critical workflows in your organization.

We find that growing law firms tend to have glitches within the hiring workflow. While your needs are changing, you may struggle with pains as you hire and train new staff and software. With an IT partner, you can easily scale up or down with your IT support.

Data and Email Encryption

What is email encryption? Email encryption is the act of disguising email content to protect sensitive information from being read by anyone other than intended recipients. Same goes with your data. As attorneys and staff navigate in their daily activities, they must understand what encryption is and why it matters for the business. While they have ethical duties to protect information they must encrypt their emails and data to ensure the safety of the organization’s data. Always make sure to address encryption on everything from laptops to portable servers to moving data and wireless networks.

Data Backup

Are your computers being backed up? While you can replace computers, you can’t replace critical and sensitive information stored on a computer with a fried hard drive. It’s especially important for law firms to require a data backup of the systems to prevent data loss.

It is difficult to keep up with technological databases today, let alone prepare for emergency situations such as lost or stolen laptops, unrecoverable data (more like lost information from human error) or viruses. Again, lawyers are trained in legal matter and not IT. You can prevent malware by using a site-based backup unattached to your network. Virus protection can also pick up malware attempting to sneak through the cracks. Small steps such as educating employees on emails with malware content and implementing policies relating to suspicious email content and attachments can make or break the safety of your data life.

In Summary, Law Firm IT Services Help Your Business

Day-to-day troubleshooting problems often get in the way of more important tasks at hand. By implementing basic planning strategies, your law firm can provide your legal services with cutting-edge technology and IT support while maintaining integrity by focusing on your work and core competencies. Allow your firm to stay competitive through outsourcing. Client needs can remain your top priority without the headache of technological setbacks.