Can Your Business Benefit From Remote Help Desk Support?

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You’ve perhaps reached the point in your business where most of your employees work away from the office. This has been a goal for a long time and you might feel like you’ve “conquered the chains” of being tied to desks. However, with your employees being able to work from home or out in the field, it can certainly feel liberating…until a tech problem arises.

If you’ve always counted on your IT technicians to take care of tech problems on-site, do you have a way to gain IT support from remote locations?

Keep in mind remote help desk support can mean straight to your office as well. However, an open helpline to those in the field benefits your business in numerous ways.

Reducing Unproductive Time

A lot of your employees may depend on their mobile devices to enter information and communicate during the day. While out in the field, having a tech problem can slow their work time down to a complete stop.

Evidence shows routine IT problems and outages now cost companies up to $700 billion annually. This is an astonishing number, and there isn’t a single company that won’t rue the day in downtime costs.

As a smaller business, any downtime could cost you severely. It could create a domino effect that places you in financial jeopardy eventually.

It’s all the more reason to find a quality remote help desk support system. You’ll want your field employees or home workers to access this quickly when they have a problem so it’s fixed without long waits. More so, you’ll want a managed service provider that already understands your business to get the problem fixed immediately.

Reducing In-House IT Crew

Despite managing to move your employees out of the office recently, your office space is still maybe strained for space. If you still have some IT crew around, you certainly can’t handle any more for IT support.

This makes remote help desk support all the more efficient for your business needs. All you’ll need is a high-speed internet line to allow remote assistance to your network.

Don’t just think this is the only option, though. Phone line support should always be available 24/7. The key is to find an IT support service offering multiple methods of communication when one other fails.

Getting Help With New Tech

Sometimes it’s not just a tech malfunction and more about trying to understand the new technology you’re using. Having remote help desk support on standby allows your office or remote employees to request help when they’re confused about something.

Whether it’s mobile devices in the workplace (part of your BYOD policy), or other technologies being used in the field, learning curves are often steep. A remote help desk line takes employees step-by-step to help them complete a task while still in learning mode.

Helping Through Cyber Attacks

With cyber-terrorism on a continual rise, having immediate IT support is going to become essential. Because you might have a cyber attack on a weekend or holiday, what kind of help would you find anywhere else?

Chances are, you wouldn’t without having to pay a fortune for an emergency IT service. Establishing yourself with a managed service provider is going to mean a dedicated crew watching out for your network at all times.

Remote help desks are there to help during every waking hour and day. Since cyber attacks could easily happen in remote locations as well, you want a service available from anywhere in the world.

As you travel for business as well, you’ll want a remote help desk without any lags, including when in other countries.

Here at Netsafe Solutions, we offer superior managed services solutions for your IT. Contact us to find out more about our remote help desk support and how fast it is to solve any situation.